We introduce you to Juan, the designer, through his personal story.

Juan was a talented young Belgian, son of a painter. He had inherited his father's passion for art and creativity, but was looking for a way to express himself in a unique way. That's why, at the end of the 90's, he decided to leave his native country to live in Spain.

At first, Juan didn't know what to do. He spent his days exploring the city and meeting people. That's when he discovered the many tourists who were visiting the city and were passionate about costume jewelry. He started selling jewelry to make a living, but soon felt limited by the products available on the market.

Juan wanted something more unique and personal. He began designing his own jewelry, exploring different techniques and developing his own style. 

Over time, people began to notice Juan's jewelry and buy it. He quickly gained a solid reputation as a designer of costume jewelry and began receiving orders from all over Europe. Juan was finally living his passion and doing what he loved most.

Today, we are the only ones to offer his creations for sale online.

It all started in Alicante, Spain! Today Juan lives again in Belgium, in the province of Hainaut.