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Oreily.be Bracelet Boule 06mm Amazonite

Bracelet Boule 06mm Amazonite

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Lithotherapy: Love, Compassion, Happiness

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**Lithotherapy benefits:** *On the psychic level, amazonite is recognized as a stone of tenderness and empathy. It promotes lucid analysis of feelings, instilling a peaceful life and deep understanding of others. It blocks negative emotions, bringing happiness and positive energy, helping to overcome sadness, frustration and break-ups. *It encourages the fight against jealousy, boosts self-confidence, stimulates creativity and facilitates communication, promoting reconciliation in relationships. *On a physical level, amazonite soothes tension, promotes fluid circulation and acts as an antidote to stress. It is reputed to filter harmful electromagnetic waves, stimulate desire within the couple, and promote physical well-being, particularly beneficial for athletes*. **Astrology:** Suitable for all signs, but particularly powerful for Virgo and Pisces. **Chakras:** Acts on the throat chakra, facilitating communication, and on the heart chakra, symbolizing love and true feelings. **Care:** Purify monthly in spring water, wipe gently, and recharge in the sun at dawn or on a quartz cluster or amethyst druse for 24 hours. Discover amazonite, a multi-faceted stone combining beauty and benefits for body and mind.


Data sheet

Origin of the stones
Amazonite Perou
Boule / Polies
Stone color
Green / Turquoise
Wrist circumference (in cm)
16 – 18 cm

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