Oreily.be Bracelet Boule 06mm Howlite Blanche

Bracelet Boule 06mm Howlite Blanche


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Lithotherapy: Patience, Self-control, Calming

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Discover the soothing benefits of white howlite in lithotherapy: Psychically: White howlite, a stone of calm and stability, is a valuable ally in stressful situations. Whether during tense family meals or business meetings charged with negative energy, this stone acts as a shield, absorbing tension, promoting calm exchanges and keeping anger at bay. Renowned for its power of discernment, it facilitates informed decision-making in complex situations. By clarifying ideas during crucial choices, it offers comforting support in difficult times, dispelling fears and bringing serenity. White howlite combats stress, helping to overcome phobias and instilling deep inner peace. It confers composure, eliminates anxiety, reduces negative thoughts, enhances concentration and improves memory. By absorbing harmful influences, it purifies the environment, creating an atmosphere conducive to well-being. This stone brings joy and serenity, dispelling feelings of anger and resentment. It contributes to patience and managing impulsivity, calming anxiety and promoting quality sleep, particularly beneficial for hypersensitive people.
On a physical level: White howlite promotes the elimination of toxins, helping to strengthen the body as a whole. Recommended for people who suffer from restless sleep, this stone placed in the bedroom dispels negative thoughts, promotes quality rest and ensures recuperative, nightmare-free nights. In short, white howlite, a true stone of harmony, soothes the mind, strengthens the body and creates an environment conducive to inner peace and tranquility.


Data sheet

Origin of the stones
Howlite Blanche
Boule / Polies
Stone color
White / Black stripes
Wrist circumference (in cm)
16 – 18 cm

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