Oreily.be Bracelet Boule 06mm Jade De Birmanie

Bracelet Boule 06mm Jade De Birmanie


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Lithotherapy: Healthy relationships, Harmony, Serenity


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Discover the exceptional lithotherapy benefits of Burmese jade: **Psychic benefits:** Burmese jade cultivates honesty with oneself and others, promoting integrity and truthfulness. Ideal for quality relationships, it favors exchange and sincerity, recommended even in business negotiations. Encourages tolerance, curbs hasty judgments and offers patience and openness to differences. A lucky charm associated with luck, success and abundance, jade is a stone of peace and harmony. It helps control nervousness, manage negative emotions and promote the transition to positive feelings. Perfect for meditation, it facilitates self-acceptance and brings well-being and serenity. **Physical benefits:** Burmese jade effectively combats stress and tension, soothing both body and mind. It instills a beneficial calm, providing vitality and encouraging the resumption of physical activity. By encouraging a balanced lifestyle, including a healthy diet and adequate hydration, jade promotes healthy metabolism. Take advantage of the benefits of Burmese jade to regain balance and vitality in your daily life.


Data sheet

Origin of the stones
Jade de Birmanie
Boule / Polies
Stone color
White / Orange / Green / Black
Wrist circumference (in cm)
16 – 18 cm

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